Our Menu

Third Street Stuff 
Fair Trade, Organic, Locally Roasted Coffee (12oz./16oz.)

Mild (Ethiopian)/Bold (Peruvian Shade Grown)/Decaf (Guatemalan): $1.89/$2.12
Mocha Jo (Ghiradelli Chocolate & coffee, topped w/ whipped cream): $2.59/$2.83
Cafe Au Lait (Coffee and steamed milk, topped w/ foam): $2.59/$2.83

Hot Tea *We have an assortment of loose leaf teas!*: $1.89
Iced Tea (Black Passionfruit or Moroccan Green Mint): $1.89/$2.12
London Fog (Hot Tea w/ steamed milk): $2.83/$3.30
Cup of Milk/Cup of Soy Milk (12oz.): $1.41/$1.65

Hot Chocolate: $2.83/$3.30
(Dark Ghiradelli chocolate with steamed milk, topped with housemade whipped cream)
White Hot Chocolate : $2.83/$3.30
(Ghiradelli white chocolate with steamed milk, topped with housemade whipped cream)
Cinnamon White Hot: $3.07/$3.54
Raspberry White Hot: $3.07/$3.54
Ahman Joy: $3.77/$4.24
(Dark chocolate, almond, and coconut with steamed milk, topped with whipped cream)
Steamer (Any Flavor syrup with steamed milk): $2.83/$3.30

Latte (Espresso and steamed milk, topped with foam: $3.07/3.54
Scotte (Latte w/ Cubano style shots, raw sugar or Splenda): $3.54
Mocha: $3.54/$4.01
(Dark chocolate, espresso, & steamed milk, topped with whipped cream)
White Mocha (Mocha w/ white chocolate): $3.54/$4.01
Turtle Mocha (Mocha w/ caramel): $3.77/$4.24
Chai Latte: $3.07/$3.54
(Chai Tea concentrate w/ steamed milk)
Try it DIRTY *w/ a shot of espresso*: $3.77/$4.24
Mocha Nut (Mocha w/ hazelnut): $3.77/$4.24

Iced or Frozen Turtle Mocha: $3.77/$4.48 (iced/frozen larges are 24oz.)
Iced or Frozen Mocha Nut: $3.77/$4.48
Iced or Frozen Sundae Latte (Mocha with Strawberry): $3.77/$4.48
Iced or Frozen Cherry Cordial (Mocha with Cherry): $3.77/$4.48
Iced or Frozen Monkey (Mocha with Banana): $3.77/$4.48
Italian Sodas (your choice of syrup w/ sparkling water): $2.12
Cream Sodas (Italian soda w/ a splash of cream & vanilla): $3.77/$4.48

Third Street Stuff & Coffee offers locally baked bagels and breads from Bluegrass Baking Co., and locally made sweets by Martine’s. Sandwiches served with chips or grapes.

Croissants: $2.83
Oatmeal & Cereals: $2.12
Cakes: $4.72
Cookies: $1.41
Turtle Brownies: $3.30
Scones: $3.30
Toast + butter/jelly: $1.65

Bagel (cheese, seeded, or plain), toasted with cream cheese: $3.30
Bagel w/ specialty cream cheese (Pesto, Garlic, Olive Nut, or Peanut Butter): $3.77
Turkey/Ham & Cheese Bagel (Cheddar, Swiss, or both – Melted over Turkey): $5.19
Veggie Bagel: Choice of Specialty cream cheese or regular cream cheese, + lettuce, tomato, cucumber, & red onions: $5.19

Olive Nut Sandwich – Olive Nut cream cheese (walnuts, black & green olives), lettuce, tomato, cucumber on 7-grain: $5.19
Chicken Salad Sandwich – Homemade chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, on 7-grain: $6.60
The Veggie – Cheddar, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, dijon mustard and mayo, on 7-grain: $6.60
Three Cheese & Tomato – Melty cheddar, swiss, and pesto cream cheese + tomato, on a toasted roll: $7.31
Peanut Butter & Jelly – Peanut butter & strawberry or grape jelly on 7-grain: $4.72

House Salad – Lettuce, Tomato, cucumber, and red onion, served with 7-grain toast or crackers – Dressings: Italian, Ranch, Vinaigrette: $4.48
Mozzarella Salad – Fresh bits of mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and red onion, served with 7-gran toast or crackers – Dressings: Ranch, Pesto, Pesto-Ranch, Italian: $6.60
Veggie Plate – Sliced cucumber, tomato, and celery – Served with Pesto-Ranch dipping sauce: $4.48
Hummus Veggie Plate: $4.72

Sayre Super Peanut Butter Sammie – PB + everything we can find on 7-grain bread: $6.60
Curry Chicken Salad – Homemade Curry Chicken Salad + cucumber, tomato, and lettuce on ciabattina: $7.31
Ham & Brie – Ham wrapped melted brie + tomatoes on ciabattina: $7.31
Grilled Brie & Veggie – Brie + olives, tomato, red peppers, onions, lemon pepper, & Italian herbs on 7-grain: $7.31
Fresh Mozzarella & Pesto – Warm mozzarella + tomato and homemade pesto on toasted ciabattina: $7.31
The Cajun Turkey – Cajun turkey + lettuce, avocado and roasted red peppers, & our chipotle aioli on toasted pane bello (Italian-style white bread): $7.31
Hummus Vegan – Roasted garlic hummus + lettuce, tomato, cucumber, & red onion on 7-grain: $7.31
The Transy – Swiss, cheddar, green olives + lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onions, mayo, mustard, & seasoning on toasted 7-grain: $7.55
Black Bean Burger – (Vegan) Burger + lettuce, tomato, & cucumber on 7-grain – (Non-Vegan) Burger + lettuce, tomato, and cucumber on toasted roll (add cheese for $0.71): $7.55
3rd Street Club – Ham, Turkey, cheddar, swiss, chipotle aioli + lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and red onion on 7-grain: $7.55
Smoked Salmon Bagel – Salmon, cream cheese, capers, & red onions on a toasted bagel of your choice: Plain, seeded, or cheese: $7.55